Hotel La Tarentaise
Meribel in the heart, La Tarentaise in refuge. Your perfect all-season escape for the whole family

Saison d'hiver

Discover Meribel with Hotel La Tarentaise

Nestled in the heart of the French Alps, Meribel is a destination of choice for mountain and nature lovers.

At Hotel La Tarentaise, we offer you the perfect starting point for exploring the snowy landscapes and renowned ski slopes of this picturesque region. Take advantage of our warm welcome and attentive services for an unrivaled winter experience.

Whether you are passionate about skiing, snowboarding, or simply looking for relaxation in a spectacular mountain setting, Meribel will charm you with its authentic alpine atmosphere and varied activities.

Summer season

Enjoy Meribel with
Hotel La Tarentaise

Summer in Meribel transforms the vast snow-covered expanses into a green paradise, ideal for adventurers and nature lovers.

Hotel La Tarentaise is your summer refuge to discover a multitude of outdoor activities. Hiking, mountain biking, golf, or paragliding, Meribel offers a grandiose playground for all ages and tastes. After a day of exploring, relax in the comfort of our hotel where every detail is thought of to enrich your stay.

Come experience the Alpine summer in all its splendor in Meribel, a refreshing and invigorating experience that awaits the whole family.